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  • Toward the Abyss

    Toward the Abyss: Israel and the Palestinians

    The Israeli-Palestinian conflict does not appear to be any closer to a resolution, even after decades of continuous struggle. Since the signing of the historic Oslo Accords, the divide between the two sides has devolved to its lowest point yet, which has made the opportunity for peace ever more elusive. The disregard of the psychological […]

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  • Spring or Cruel Winter

    Spring or Cruel Winter? The Evolution of the Arab Revolutions – 2014

    The Arab Spring, sparked by Tunisian university graduate turned street vendor Mohamed Bouazizi’s act of self-immolation, is an ongoing, integral part of global transformation, ushering in a new era in which no ruler can deprive his citizens of their basic rights. However, this idealism was misjudged in certain areas, specifically evidenced in the violent backlash […]

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  • Lost Perspectives

    Lost Perspectives – 2009

    “This book is a journey on a bumpy road through the almost impossible mission of Middle East peace. It is written in a narrative form as critical events have taken place. The concept of a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been around for quite some time and Ben-Meir continues to support it as […]

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  • bfe7bf54b41d1f74c11dd110c02031de

    A War We Must Win – 2004

    This book, a compilation of timely articles, begins with the tragic events of 9/11 and closes with a discussion of the difficulties the United States is likely to face in the aftermath of the Iraqi war. Each of the pieces selected deals with and reflects the time in which it was written. Together, they form […]

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  • a7216b706a89d2c4e7e7d92fcc25e3c8

    The Last Option – 2004

    This book argues that the Israelis and the Palestinians are fast approaching a precipice. They must either choose to co-exist peacefully or face mutual destruction. Neither the Israelis nor the Palestinians can have it all: in the deepest sense, it’s impossible to build one’s home on the ruins of another’s. The mutually-consuming cycle of violence […]

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  • ff928373c1e1410f79a63403d310a1c4

    In Defiance of Time – 1982

    Israel may well need a revolutionary shakeup to cure its current economic and political ills, but Diaspora Jewry must also perform radical surgery to eradicate the cancerous conditions that threaten disintegration. Both, however, will not succeed in these tasks if they continue to reject the very principles on which Judaism was built. Israel will be […]

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  • e003042441d8d320d77766baf83c32a9

    Israel: The Challenge of the Fourth Decade – 1978

    Ben-Meir argues that unless drastic measures are taken to begin correcting socio-economic problems, peace with the Arab world will at best be fragile and at worst unattainable. This book challenges traditional thought and dogmas that Israeli and Jewish leaders throughout the world have accepted and followed. It also offers a critical examination of Israeli social […]

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  • efa68f71f468d83114c66060ce9e4f12

    A Framework for Arab-Israeli Peace – 1993

    In this, his fourth book on Arab-Israeli affairs, Dr. Ben-Meir provides a concise history of the conflict along with an in-depth analysis of its causes–political, economic, territorial, and psychological. He also offers a viable plan for achieving harmonious Israeli-Palestinian co-existence and a permanent peace between Israel and its Arab neighbors. His proposal is balanced and […]

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  • c30ab6954b2230aab4d534cc744d8927

    The Middle East: Imperatives and Choices – 1975

    This book provides a penetrating, objective, and logical presentation of the major psychological and territorial trends of the post-war Middle East, describing the major issues dividing the two sides and the forces impelling the Arabs and Israelis to compromise. It prescribes a possible solution to the differences in the areas where accommodation is possible. The […]

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