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Alon Ben-Meir, Ph.D.

Dr. Alon Ben-Meir is a journalist, international negotiator, private consultant and professor of international relations and Middle Eastern studies at New York University’s Center for Global Affairs. For more than 25 years, Dr. Ben-Meir has been involved in Middle Eastern Affairs. Dr. Ben-Meir’s extensive and unique professional and academic experiences contribute to making his writings distinctive, insightful, and highly relevant. Dr. Ben-Meir currently writes a weekly syndicated article for the Jerusalem Post and is a regular blogger on the Huffington Post.



Ph.D. in International Relations at Oxford University, United Kingdom

Master’s Degree in Philosophy at Oxford University, United Kingdom

Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism at Tel Aviv University, Israel



Negotiator: Track II Diplomacy (1995-present)
Directly involved in various negotiations aimed at achieving greater peace and prosperity in the Middle East and operates as a liaison between top Middle Eastern and European officials.
Host and Organizer: Global Leaders: Conversations with Alon Ben-Meir (2006-present)
Organizes and hosts events that brings distinguished heads of state, ambassadors, policy makers and influential world leaders to discuss critical issues facing the international community.
Lecturer: International Visitor Leadership Program (2007-present)
Lectures for the United States Department of State’s professional exchange program that seeks to improve U.S. foreign relations through short-term visits to the U.S. for current and emerging foreign leaders.
Senior Fellow and Professor: New York University SCPS, Center for Global Affairs (1989-present)
Teaches courses in international relations focusing on conflict resolution, international negotiations, and Middle Eastern studies.
Professor: New School University (1990-2007)
Taught courses in conflict resolution, emerging and global powers, international negotiations, international relations, and Middle Eastern studies.
Guest Lecturer and Presenter: Various positions (1986-present)
Lectures at numerous universities such as Columbia, Princeton, Harvard, and Brown and delivered a number of conference presentations for universities, governments, museums and non-profit organizations, including Chatham House and the Royal United Service Institute, UK


Fluent in Arabic, Hebrew and English



Travels extensively throughout Africa, the Middle East, and Europe. Recent travels include: Israel, West Bank/Gaza, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Morocco, Turkey, Qatar, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Malta, United Kingdom, and France.



Published Books:

  • Ben-Meir, Alon. Lost Perspectives. 2009.
  • Ben-Meir, Alon. The Last Option. 2004.
  • Ben-Meir, Alon. A War We Must Win. 2004.
  • Ben-Meir, Alon. A Framework for Arab-Israeli Peace. 1993.
  • Ben-Meir, Alon. In Defiance of Time. 1980.
  • Ben-Meir, Alon. Israel – the Challenge of the Fourth Decade. 1978.
  • Ben-Meir, Alon. The Middle East: Imperatives and Choices. 1975.

Recently Published Articles (Selected):

  • “Killing Peace in the Name of Peace.” Jerusalem Post. 2 June 2011.
  • “Netanyahu’s Stance Jeopardizes Israel’s security.” Daily News Egypt. 29 May 2011.
  • “The Fury Over the 1967 Borders is Disingenuous.” Epoch Times. 25 May 2011.
  • “Only Defeat Awaits Violence and Extremism.” Jerusalem Post. 13 May 2011.

Published Articles (selected): Complete archive of hundreds of published articles can be found at www.alonben-meir.com

  • “The U.S. and Iran at a Pivotal Crossroad.” Jerusalem Post. 19 November 2010.
  • “Common Strategic Interests: Balancing Support for Israel against U.S. Interests.” American Diplomacy. 10 May 2010.
  • “Time to Change the Status Quo.” Hurriyet Daily News. 7 April 2010.
  • “Mending a Strained Alliance: Turkey and Israel.” Epoch Times. 12 November 2009.
  • “The Palestinians at a Pivotal Crossroads,” Turkish Weekly. 13 June 2009.
  • “Wake-up, Israel,” The Globalist. 3 June 2009.
  • “Coalition of the Unwilling.” Gulf News. 17 February 2009.
  • “Syria and Iran: An Alliance of Convenience.” Al Jazeera Magazine. 29 August 2008.
  • “Mediating the Nuclear Impasse.” Yemen Observer. 22 July 2008.
  • “Israeli-Syrian Negotiations: The Need for a Bold Move,” American Chronicle. 14 July 2008.
  • “Obama’s Daunting Middle East Challenge.” Daily News Egypt. 19 November 2008.

Published Journal Essays (selected):

  • “The Arab Peace Initiative: Now or Never.” Digest of Middle East Studies, 19.2. Fall 2010.
  • “An Iranian Bombshell: How Israel Can and Will Respond.” Harvard International Review Magazine, May 2010.
  • “Syria Must be a Top Priority.” The Journal of Turkish Weekly. 10 February 2010.
  • “Israeli Settlements: Getting it Settled.” Chatham House: The World Today, 65.8/9. August 2009.
  • “The Palestinian Refugees: A Reassessment and a Solution.” Palestine-Israel Journal, 15.4 and 16.1. August 2009.
  • “Israel and the Arab Peace Initiative.” American Foreign Policy Interests, 31.3. May 2009.
  • “A New Negotiating Strategy to Prevent a Nuclear Iran,” International Journal on World Peace, 26.1. March 2009.
  • “Israel and the Arab Peace Initiative.” American Diplomacy. July 2008.
  • “Challenges to Democracy in the Arab and Muslim World.” The Political Quarterly, 77.2. July-September 2006.
  • “The Price of Unilateralism,” Mediterranean Quarterly, 14.3. Summer 2003.
  • “Behind the Tragic Israeli-Palestinian Violence and Beyond,” Middle East Policy, 8.1. March 2001.

Television Appearances (selected):

  • Russia Today. 3 June 2011. Discussing developments in Syria.
  • ABC Eyewitness News. 10 February 2011. Discussing Mubarak’s resignation.
  • Press TV Global News. 2 February 2011. Discussing the wave of protests sweeping the Middle East.
  • Kanal A TV (Turkey). 29 January 2010. Discussing Turkey’s role as a Middle East peace broker.
  • PBS: World Focus. 10 February 2009. Discussing implications and developments in the Israeli elections.
  • PBS: World Focus. 7 November 2008. Discussing Israel’s opposition to U.S. efforts to engage Iran.
  • The Daily Show. 2 January 2007. Discussing Lebanon and ongoing conflicts in the Middle East.
  • CNN: Lou Dobbs Tonight. 10 August 2006. Discussing Middle East security issues.

Radio Appearances (Selected):

NPR, PBS, CNN Radio, AP Radio, BBC Radio Five Live, KCRW News, Voice of Russia, WMET 1160, WVOX 1460 AM.